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"Coaching with Jon Zieve has felt like divine intervention. I found Jon at a time in my life when a lot of decisions needed to be made, internal fears and blocks kept coming up, and my path forward didn't always feel so clear. Jon is a master at what he does and does it strictly from the heart. No coach offers as much love and healing energy in their practice. Each session with Jon unlocked more and more of my true potential, how I'm meant to show up in the world, how I'm meant to love, and how I'm meant to serve others. He's given me concrete tools which he practiced with me! These are tools that have helped me access a vibration of love and compassion versus disempowerment and defeat. These tools have helped me clear energetic and mental blockages, receive powerful intuitive messages, and move confidently in a chosen direction. We all have a deep longing to self-actualize and be the best version of ourselves so that we can not just love unconditionally but also BE unconditional love. We tend to get in our own way, over-think and under feel, block our own energy, and see challenges as insurmountable hurdles versus the medicine and the guiding light that they are. With Jon's coaching, I am freer, lighter, more in love, more radiant, more heart-filled, and more in-tuned with who I really am and what I was born to do. A million thank you's, Jon."

-- Dr. Mona K., Founder, CEO, Educate with Purpose, Austin, TX

"My life has definitely changed for the better with coaching. I've made progress on every intention I set out to and challenged myself in ways I hadn’t considered. For example, I have made the massive jump of working 4 days per week instead of 5 (and sometimes 6) and the results are better! A year and a half ago, that idea would have sounded impossible. The biggest impact of coaching is with my relationship with myself. I say no to what's not in my best interests and yes to what is. I'm not as hard on myself and I let go of work when I'm off work. This allows me to be more present with others, which is much appreciated by my loved ones, friends and team at work. And Coach Jon also helped my mental approach to golf. My golf handicap went from a 18 to an 11!

-- Tracy C., Regional Vice President, Equitable, Greenwich, RI

“I was fortunate to get introduced to Coach Jon by my father who worked with Jon at Triad Systems Corp. Our first activity was the MindScan. This was an “eye opener” for me and provided the impetus to want more from myself & from Coach Jon. With the full support of my organization, which is a KEY, I sought coaching to help me to propel me to a more balanced and impactful work/personal life. I'm excited about my progress since I started partnering with Coach Jon in January 2022. I have a purpose focused plan that I hold myself accountable to weekly. I’m listening more to my heart to create more life satisfaction and I'm much more present with my emotions and with others. My relationships (personally and professionally) have improved and my quality of life too. A bonus has been an improved effectiveness of my work and of our team.” John Sayers, Director of Sales & Marketing, Superior Foods International 

"I invested in PAC in Jan. 2019 to get my team in alignment with the culture I wanted the entire company to be inspired to follow. The team consisted of all 6 of my direct reports and we eventually took the PAC process downstream to my Sales Manger's team of 7 later that year. The PAC process was very thorough, starting with the gap analysis for each team member. By the time PAC came to Toronto for the on-site immersion, I knew what the main challenges were. We were stuck in a "What's in it for me" mindset instead of "Trusting in each other to achieve our Vision as a Team mindset." The team came away from the on-site in Feb. 2019 committed to achieve success as a team (#1 team in the company), feel cohesive as a team, learn how to deal with frustrations better (instead of blaming others) and have more fun. 


Our team bought in 100%. I felt the PAC team experiences were powerful, creating a team bonding that we needed to get everyone out of their own heads and into a group mentality of how can we help each other grow. The team jelled around creating our team vision and mission. You could feel the excitement and energy rise. We came out of the on-site focused on individual action plans and stayed committed to our Team Vision and Mission with consistent weekly team huddles every Monday. I credit PAC with helping our Team achieve #1 in Epicor in 2019 and the company did notice the change in our culture. I give PAC five stars!” 

Tony Alderdice, VP of Sales, Epicor Software

"Jon has coached my team through significant hurdles. I’m especially impressed with his ability to soften resistance and open minds. He has a holistic approach to work and coaching that I find refreshing and realistic. The ProAdvisorCoach 1.5-day immersion on-site was transformative for our team, leading to a deeper level of trust and to improved personal communication which continue to positively impact our team members personally and professionally. The MindScan assessment, customized action plans, and weekly huddles have kept us focused on our strengths and what matters most, in alignment with our strategic plan and core values. I recommend Jon Zieve and the ProAdvisorCoach process to any team that wants to break through resistance to change, improve focus and team alignment."
- Jill McClure, Chief Executive Officer APRO (Assoc. of Progressive Rental Organizations) 

"I've received coaching from Jon for over two years. When I started, I knew I had a few limiting beliefs that kept me from realizing my potential as a financial advisor.  With Jon's counsel, I became aware of why I was feeling stressed and not setting higher goals. I began to implement strategies to achieve a more balanced and holistic vision of success, both personally and professionally. 

The results of coaching have been stellar. I'm taking more time for myself while realizing the best financial results of my career. I achieved NYL Chairman's Council for the first time in my career in 2021 and made chairman's council in 2022. And best of all, my relationships and health have improved because I've learned how to change the way I think about myself. I recommend Coach Jon!" Brenda B., NYL, Financial Services Professional, Yakima, WA

"I am so incredibly grateful for my work with Jon, because without it I would have little to no awareness. How can I lead someone through the financial planning process and help them gain awareness if I have no awareness in myself? The beauty of becoming aware of yourself, your practice, and your clients is that positive actions are a natural byproduct. I have seen first-hand on several occasions where my awareness has enabled the client to find their own sense of awareness. In my case, this simple change to focus on gaining clarity has revolutionized my practice. Since working with Jon, I have had the most profitable, revenue-generating months of my entire finance career.”

Lindsey L, Director of Wealth Management Services, Austin, TX

“Before I started working with Coach Jon, I felt like I was on the hamster wheel every day, running as hard and fast as I could, never able to take a breath and catch up, but unable to continue growing my practice despite all the hard work and effort.  In two short months of working with Jon, he has worked with my assistant and me on our MindScan’s so we have a clear understanding of our natural strengths and weaknesses in our thinking, he has guided us in segmenting my book of business to allow me to identify my ideal clients, have clarity on which clients I should be focusing my time and energy on, and practical ways to “wow” those clients with world class attention and service, and he has given us strategies to leverage the strengths of my assistant to make sure my clients are taken care of and my calendar is full.  Because of that coaching, the joy and satisfaction of being an advisor is returning, I feel more confident and effective in what I am doing, and the hamster wheel race is becoming a thing of the past.”

- Scott A, Retirement Specialist, Equitable, Asheboro, NC

“When I first talked to Jon, I didn't have the enthusiasm for growing my practice that I desired. My work with Jon helped me realize I was not handling conflicts as they came up and he helped me understand why. With this awareness, I was able to start reacting differently. The results have been noticeable; I feel better, have more patience and focus. I now have the enthusiasm for growing my practice that I want and the clarity for taking action that I was missing!”

Jane S., Financial Advisor, Equitable 

“As a financial advisor striving and pushing for constant growth, I knew I needed to take time to evaluate my business and have a coach keep me honest. As life got more frenzied, I was struggling to find balance and purpose. Through my coaching sessions with Jon, he helped me realize a more fulfilling and harmonious life, faster and easier. This helped me to identify my own pitfalls and to use my strengths to be more efficient. The process helped me value time to focus on myself.  Jon is able to act as a filter, directing and guiding ideas to create a more productive business. I really look forward to our calls, knowing that I am learning more about myself and growing into a better advisor as well as creating a brighter future for my business.”

Mackenzie K., Brookfield, CT

"What I liked about working with Jon was his deep insights into what it takes for women to work, compete, and succeed professionally. Jon not only was able to identify and help me understand the issues that I was dealing with personally, but he was able to help me understand how these issues were driving my professional life. I was able to find the source of my true power and strength and be effective beyond what I thought possible."

— K.H., Austin

"Working with Jon has allowed me to recognize when I'm over-reacting to stress and to trust my intuition for self-care. This has allowed me to feel more authentic and confident, which in turn has made me more productive at work and more content in my personal life."

- Melita E., Environmental Scientist Consultant, Austin, TX

"I would encourage anybody who seeks energy and a holistic approach to life to work with Jon. Learn from his examples and teachings a wonderful way see the world and to grow and prosper."

Steve B., Chief Marketing Officer, San Francisco, CA

“Jon’s untiring pursuit of the truth in any situation has served me well both personally and professionally. He has found his true calling."

Kevin O., So. Bend, IN

Eva Cristina Calderon, Siente TV Host, Portland, OR 

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