Eva Cristina Calderon, Siente TV Host, Portland, OR 

"I am so incredibly grateful for my work with Jon, because without it I would have little to no awareness. How can I lead someone through the financial planning process and help them gain awareness if I have no awareness in myself? The beauty of becoming aware of yourself, your practice, and your clients is that positive actions are a natural byproduct. I have seen first-hand on several occasions where my awareness has enabled the client to find their own sense of awareness. In my case, this simple change to focus on the awareness piece has revolutionized my practice. Since working with Jon, I have had the most profitable, revenue-generating months of my entire finance career.” -- Lindsey L, Director of Wealth Management Services, Austin, TX

"I feel rejuvenated, confident, and calmer, which has led to improved clarity and decision making. Jon helped me develop clear intentions towards living my life on purpose. I’d recommend Jon to anybody who wants to grow.”

— Tony A., VP of Sales, Toronto, ON

"I would encourage anybody who seeks energy and a holistic approach to life to work with Jon. Learn from his examples and teachings a wonderful way see the world and to grow and prosper."

— Steve B., Chief Marketing Officer, San Francisco, CA

"Working with Jon has allowed me to recognize when I'm over-reacting to stress and to trust my intuition for self-care. This has allowed me to feel more authentic and confident, which in turn has made me more productive at work and more content in my personal life."

— Melita E., Environmental Scientist Consultant, Austin, TX

"What I liked about working with Jon was his deep insights into what it takes for women to work, compete, and succeed professionally. Jon not only was able to identify and help me understand the issues that I was dealing with personally, but he was able to help me understand how these issues were driving my professional life. I was able to find the source of my true power and strength and be effective beyond what I thought possible."

— K.H., Austin

“Jon’s untiring pursuit of the truth in any situation has served me well both personally and professionally. He has found his true calling."

— Kevin O., So. Bend, IN

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