Jon invested 34 years in a corporate career, starting as a sales rep and working his way up to VP level positions in Sales, Marketing and Customer Service. He experienced anxiety which he did his best to hide because he perceived it as a weakness. Jon became addicted to work as a way to cope with his anxiety. 


He also experienced fatigue, tension and inflexibility. After seeking help from chiropractors and doctors, he realized the results he sought were found with self-awareness of what is called the mind-body connection. Jon became a student of this mind-body connection, reading about the subject from authors Eckhart Tolle, Caroline Myss, Dr.Judith Orloff, Dr. John Sarno and more. It became clear his symptoms were caused by inner conflicts about work and stress, so he set an intention to change how he thought about himself and his relationship with work.

Self-awareness helped Jon connect to his sense of purpose; to help others become self aware of what prevents them from achieving high performance without stress. Jon left the corporate world to become an Executive Coach in 2014. He has coached clients personally and professionally for 7 years.


It was while coaching others who shared his habit of serving others at the expense of personal needs/dreams, Jon realized he can best serve others by paying attention to and being consistent about his personal needs and dreams. 

Jon became a Certified Life Coach and a Certified HeartMath Coach/Mentor in 2015. He graduated from the HeartMath Institute 9-month HeartMastery program in 2016 and is also 
certified in the MindScan Hartman Value Profile.

The MindScan assessment helps you discover personal 
strengths and weaknesses, identify areas for personal growth and improvement and understand your ideal role and what motivates you.