I help people who serve others, live life to their full potential. People who care about others often forget to pay attention to their own wants and needs. This creates inner conflict and burnout. See my story in the About page. 

How do you know if this is you?

At work, you might find yourself stuck in the critical path for your business to grow and scale. You prefer to do things you know you shouldn't be doing, rather than delegate to others. 

In personal relationships, you might prefer to please others rather than be true to yourself. 

If this is you, a first step is acknowledging your inner conflict, then getting clear on what you want instead. Most of my clients tell me they want more balance, time, energy and fun in their life but aren't sure how to go about it. 


I partner with client's to help them create a strategic, holistic life plan and act on it. This transforms their business culture to get results, grow and have more fun without having to do it all themselves. They learn how to sustain peak performance without stress. See The Levels of Consciousness Chart.

I use proven ProAdvisor Coach (PAC) methodology and technology which includes a proprietary scientific assessment tool called MindScan, which measures what we value.    


To see availability and schedule time for a free 30 minute consult: https://proadvisorcoach.as.me/CoachZ


Text MINDSCAN to 512-422-0177 to receive a free MindScan assessment.

JZ Levels of Consciousness PPT Revised.0