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I partner with leaders and entrepreneurs who are so committed to success, they unconsciously put taking care of themselves and their closest relationships last. Another way of saying it, they are addicted to being successful. They want more time to do what they love and spend less time being in the critical path for their business to grow and scale. By partnering with ProAdvisorCoach, clients transform themselves and their business culture to find a balance of family, work and fun.

My mission is coaching and consulting high performers to live their values, express themselves authentically and act creatively, transforming themselves and everyone around them. Why?

I lived most of my life trying to live up to other's expectations (see my About Me page). 

I use an assessment tool called MindScan, which is a proprietary version of the Hartman Value Profile (HVP). It mathematically measures our thinking biases which prevent us from living our values personally and professionally. It does this by comparing our biased thinking habits about what we value in others and ourselves. If you want to take the assessment for free and receive a free 25 minute review (value of $500), text MINDSCAN to 512-422-0177.


To see availability and schedule time for a free review:



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