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I help entrepreneurs and leaders who have a calling to serve others, to live an abundant life without giving away their time and energy. Instead of settling for feeling exhausted, unheard and frustrated in their roles at work and in relationships, my clients learn to maximize their strengths and energy. My clients are empathetic and sensitive, but have a habit of giving away their energy. They don't like to say no to others and don't like to delegate. They want more balance, time, energy and fun in their life but aren't sure how to go about it.

My mission is coaching and consulting high performers to express themselves authentically and act creatively, transforming themselves and everyone around them. Why?

I lived my life concerned about what others thought of me (see my About Me page) and I've been on a journey of being authentic for the past 11 years, starting in 2012. 

I use an assessment tool called MindScan, which is a proprietary version of the Hartman Value Profile (HVP) which measures Authenticity by comparing our thinking about others and ourselves. If you want to live authentically, text MINDSCAN to 512-422-0177 to receive a free MindScan assessment.


To see availability and schedule time for a free 30 minute consult:



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