I partner with entrepreneurs, professionals (financial advisors, sales managers) and executives whose personal needs feel secondary to serving others. I believe we can't serve others the way we intend to, until we align with our personal needs (dreams and goals).


My ideal clients don't believe they can prioritize their needs/dreams while at the same time serving others. They believe they have to make a choice because they don't know how to do both, in harmony. I teach them how (see About page). 

Do you feel frustrated and overwhelmed by stress and/or anxiety because you have not achieved your goals or realized your dream?


Do you feel inner conflict between your desire to be consistently productive in pursuit of your dream/goals, and fear of not being able to serve those you serve?

Unresolved inner conflict can cause chronic tension and stress related health symptoms including fatigue (burnout), anxiety, depression, illness, difficulty sleeping and relaxing.  

Resolving inner conflict creates break-through results both professionally and personally. See The Levels of Consciousness Chart "Peak performance without stress"

I use proven ProAdvisor Coach (PAC) methodology and technology which includes a proprietary scientific assessment tool called MindScan, which measures what we value.    


To see availability and schedule time for a free 30 minute consult: https://calendly.com/jonzieve


Text MINDSCAN to 512-422-0177 to receive a free MindScan assessment.

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