"An AuraTransformation™ is not just supposed to give you what you want, but what you need deep inside because when your aura and personal energy are upgraded, your spirit and physical body are fully connected and will start to communicate with each other day and night. Your body will quite simply begin to speak “spirit language” and not just plain “body language” where your physical instincts are in charge to make sure that you feel satisfied on a physical level.
An AuraTransformation™ will help you to take care of ALL of you and satisfy ALL your needs – also your higher spiritual needs that you may not have been in contact with since you were born. So, try and see an AuraTransformation™ as a direct link between your physical body and life and your spirit, where your spirit will be your leading star and help you to start a new life on new terms that match the future of Planet Earth, and not the past of our planet."  Anni Sennov, founder of AuraTransformation™
I received my AuraTransformation™ in Nov. 2016 and became one of only 11 Aura Mediators in the US in Nov. 2017. 

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