Jon Zieve Services

Life Coaching – I help clients trust their energy by showing them how to connect to their body for guidance and disconnect from others energy.

Executive Coaching – I help clients express their vision, improve communication, leadership skills, embracing different points of view and more to improve effectiveness. Contact for a quote.

Packages available for minimum of 3 months. Contact for details.

AuraTransformation™ – is an energy treatment method that provides a permanent and radical expansion of consciousness creating synergy between your charisma, drive and intuition, which is also combined with physical action. Clients become more focused and aware of their mental, emotional and physical needs. Over time their energy no longer unconsciously fuels hidden agendas and programs that their true inner self does not agree with. See 10 questions and answers about AuraTransformation™.

Aura Balancing is available for clients over 35 that have already received an AuraTransformation™ or clients under 26 who do not require an AuraTransformation™.