Life Coaching

Experience with codependency

What is Life Coaching?

As defined by Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (SWIHA);
“Life Coaching is an ongoing partnership in which clients have a unique opportunity to deepen their awareness, improve their performance, overcome their obstacles and enhance their quality of life.”

I define coaching as an opportunity to focus attention on the most important thing in your life that you want to change. Instead of a coach giving advice, they lead you through a discovery process resulting in a deeper understanding. You explore possibilities that you might not have been aware resulting in a self-created go forward plan and commitment to action.

Coaching can be about anything the client wants – advance career, improve personal and/or professional relationships, improve work-life balance, improve health, attract more money, personal growth, clarity about life purpose and more.

Is Life Coaching right for you? 

Know what you don’t want but unsure what you do want?
Want to stop compromising your goals?
Don’t know how to stop a recurring pattern in personal or professional relationships?
Want a more fulfilling career?
Want to transition to a vocation instead of a career?
Want better work-life balance?

Everyone needs coaching.  See what Google CEO Eric Schmidt has to say in 41 seconds about coaching.

“Enlightenment is the path of figuring out why you don’t want to become empowered. You’re not attracted to becoming empowered your simply exhausted of not being empowered.“ Caroline Myss from her Advanced Energy Anatomy CD series.

Whose energy do you trust?
Do you try to please others? If so, are you being authentic to your needs? Whose energy are you following? Yours or someone else’s? I found this is a tough challenge for most, including myself until I experienced an expansion of consciousness with an AuraTransformation TM. If this is a struggle for you, I have helped others understand why they are not being authentic and shift this pattern.

For more about this topic, I recommend the following article by Giorgio Aprile;

Are your needs authentic or imposed?

Another article that touches on what coaching is and isn’t and if coaching is for you, by Robert Pagliarini in MoneyWatch;

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