Emergence 1996 Michael Zieve



Early morning

 “Early Morning”

Visions of Refuge #2

“Visions of Refuge #2”

Artwork by Michael Zieve

Coaching Testimonials

“Jon is the real deal. I am honored to be walking the walk of transformation with him as a guide, coach, friend.

I met him as a facilitator of an Aura Transformation. He was inviting and open and vulnerable. I appreciated that immediately, as I was going into some deep energy work that I didnt fully understand – couldnt fully understand until I experienced it. When we started working together, I felt disarmed and relaxed in the presence of his openness and authenticity. As the process progressed, that day and beyond, he has been fully available and engaged all throughout the after-journey. I feel taken care of well beyond the session and that speaks volumes to his character.

I always feel that he truly loves using his gifts of guidance and intuition to help me along this path. His inquiry with others is a mutual journey, which I think is the most fulfilling kind for everyone. I love that he is able to balance the rigor of sticking with an issue and also able to adjust and shift towards the next thing to be brought to light when needed.

Moving into over a decade of consciously exploring energy work of all kinds, I am pretty particular when it comes to my coaches/energy workers. I feel 100% confident in recommending Jon to you. I dont offer that lightly. And its true. Jon is a keeper. And I look forward to more explorations with him as a creative comrade.

I say go for it, try it out, in whatever capacity you’re considering working with him.”
Jolyn J

“Jon arrived into my life in divine timing. He took me through a journey and empowered me to value my heart. I feel a deep sense of renewal and eagerness for what now feels like infinite, true and attainable possibilities that I am to create going forward.” Eva Cristina Calderon

“Meeting with Jon has had a profound, profound impact on my life.  So profound in fact, so life changing, that I would have to expect you to have a lesser experience!  I heard Jon on KOOP radio here in Austin where he was being interviewed about the nature of the heart and shadow. You would be shocked if I told you how quickly the tools Jon uses opened up avenues of thinking that transcend “psychology” to a new place of unity of heart and mind for me. My understanding is different.  My approach to challenges is different. My friend, take a chance.  Its only a conversation.  I am sure at least one door will be opened in you, as it was in me.” – Matthew Prasse

“Jon Zieve has a spectacular way of putting things into perspective. To say that my life has been positively influenced by his guidance is an understatement.
Jon has helped me gain insight into certain patterns in my life; some I was aware of, but others I had been repressing the root cause instead of processing and moving through to understanding or healing.  Jon showed me how to bring these things to my attention, how to embrace these parts of myself, and view these idiosyncrasies from a positive perspective, yet still applying objectivity.  I know there is truth and wisdom in his counsel because it resonates so deeply.  Through my time with Jon, I have learned that, unconsciously, I’ve known these truths of my being all along, and he has helped show me how to bring this knowledge to the surface. I continue to seek his counsel and guidance as these are invaluable to me, but now, (thanks to our work together), I can apply this profound insight in my daily life with fresh eyes and a renewed mind.” – Calais Morgan

“Jon is the real deal. I had never been to any life coach, counselor, or therapist before, but I knew I had some serious underlying issues that were preventing me from having a more fulfilling life.  He got down to the root cause of every problem I presented. In a gently guided way we worked on what I needed to work on. Jon incorporates different tools from HeartMath and problems surface and can be worked on through an intuitive process. Every session leaves me speechless, relaxed, and with my heart opened. I never knew I could travel inside my psyche until I worked with Jon. My life is now more alive and I can handle my emotions a lot better. Jon will be an integral part of my life and healing for many sessions to come!” – Erik Johnson

“I feel Jon knows how to get to the heart of the matter with issues very quickly. He followed intutively where the issue was for me during our sessions and then we focused on that so it could be brought to my atttention, dig deeper and then dealt with. After each session, I had a renewed sense of knowing what I needed to do and it lifted me up.  I’d recommend Jon for any busy person in this stressed out world as a Life Coach or HeartMath Coach, or just someone who you need to talk to to work out issues. He’s professional, stays focused, yet flows with what is happening in the moment. He is excellent at what he does and I highly recommend him to anyone who is considering coaching. Thank you!” – Cathren Kayce

“I’ve used the HeartMath techniques and tools for over 5 weeks. I feel rejuvinated, confident and calmer which has lead to improved clarity and decision making. Jon has also been my life coach, helping me be congruent, developing clear intentions towards living my life on purpose. I’d recommend Jon to anybody whom wants to personally grow”Tony Alderdice

“Jon combined his intuitive gifts with great analytical observations to bring my concerns to the surface to address one by one. I am moving forward with joy and excitement, instead of fear. I highly recommend his service to anyone seeking assistance and guidance to move through blocks and into freedom!” Karen M.

“With his guidance and support I am able to maintain control of my life. Jon has helped me gain confidence in every area of my life – mentally, emotionally, spiritually and even physically. As any great coach would do, he has given me the tools that I need to navigate through my own life. Thank you, Jon, with all my heart and soul.” Sara O.

“Jon has a gift for knowing what is needed, and a strong healing spirit. His life coaching incorporate these gifts to assist anyone needing guidance for tests and difficulties” Melita E.

“Jon is an amazing life coach! I’ve had the pleasure of working with him during some emotionally difficult times and each time I’ve been speechless as Jon has made such a great impact on how I handle life’s curve balls. Impeccable!” Jennifer S.

“Jon is compassionate and loving. His kind silence and presence is very healing in itself.” – Eloisa A.

“Jon inspired me through his teachings. His coaching propelled me to the top. Harness his energy!” Bill G.

“Jon was very instrumental in getting me to look at things in a new and open way to help me improve and succeed both personally and professionally.” – Scott M.

“What makes his style unique is his holistic approach working with mind, spirit and energy. We are challenged to look at all of our life, what we are accomplishing personally as well as professionally. The results are clarity, peace of mind and balance across life, not just a career.” – Jennifer K.

“I would encourage anybody who seeks positive energy and a holistic approach to life to work with Jon. Learn from his examples and teachings a wonderful way see the world and to grow and prosper.” Steve B.

“I started working closely with Jon in January of 2014 where he encouraged me to follow my passion and broaden my vision to consider options I hadn’t.” – Amy P.

“Jon helped draw out strengths I had not known I had; and, more importantly helped me overcome some negative traits that were effecting my performance.” – Bruce K.

“Jon has an amassing gift to help identify areas that can improve your life.  He has a unique ability to ask the right questions to understand what you don’t about yourself. ” – Sam K.

“Jon taught and led by example the things that transcend careers; about relationships and purpose. He helped us understand our purpose and become intentional.” – Tom W.

“Jon’s untiring pursuit of the truth in any situation has served me well both personally and professionally.  He has found his true calling.  – Kevin O.

“I value Jon’s wisdom and insights and highly recommend him for anyone seeking counsel with business or personal challenges.” – Al N.