Finding Your Playful Spirit

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When I think of playful spirit, I go to memories of my favorite childhood TV show, Leave it to Beaver. I see Wally (the Beaver’s older brother) standing next to his friend Eddie Haskell who is trying to flatter his parents. Wally knew Eddie didn’t mean it, so he chuckled and shook his head. The Beaver took things more personally as you see in the photo below.

Why do some of us take things in stride with a playful sense of humor while others take things personally?  I believe the answer depends upon whether we accept or resist our spirit.

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We are all connected

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The journey of life begins with love, connection and balance. Eventually we feel pain and how we respond affects our ability to stay in balance. Children don’t have any problems feeling emotions as energy created by pain moves completely through their body. However, if parents resist feeling their emotions, children will learn to copy them. Fortunately, coming back to balance is a consciousness we can learn.
We are all connected
Physical balance is the result of being balanced emotionally. While champions in sports don’t always possess the strongest physical skills; they exhibit mental strength. I witnessed how difficult the mental side of Golf is watching the 2016 Masters golf tournament.

The difference between the 2015 and 2016 Masters was balance for Jordan Spieth. In 2015 he responded to adversity for his first Masters win. But Jordan didn’t have all of his “A” game in the 2016 tournament. To his credit, he kept his composure, relying on his “best in the world” putting skills for a 5 stroke lead with 9 holes to play on Sunday. Jordan’s mental game was better than anyone for a record 135 consequtive holes going back to last year before his lead vanished over 3 holes. He got rattled, lost trust in his game and panicked. But instead of seeing his tie for second as a failure to deliver in the clutch, I see it as a gift.  He was gracious in defeat and I’m a bigger fan of his now because of it.  Read More

Linear vs. Symbolic

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When I write, I practice presence. It connects me to my source of consciousness that is beyond my limited thinking and desires. Presence is a state of being. To write about presence, I connected to this state and heard the name “George Harrison”. Hmm, I thought as I slipped out of presence temporarily. I googled George Harrison and “Just for today” seemed to be a fitting title. The intro verse read;

Just for today
I could try to live through this day only
Not deal with all life’s problems
Just for today

“Not deal with all life’s problems” didn’t resonate as a recommendation for presence. Not deterred, I googled “Just for Today”. Up came several recovery affirmations and prayers to help those with addictions. In my work as a Life coach, I know addictions keep us from being present.  Smiling, I witnessed presence in action connecting me to George Harrison to addiction to presence.

presence image

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Love Equally

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We’ve all heard the saying “If we can’t love ourselves, we can’t love anyone else.” To embrace this spiritual commandment I had to look at what “loving myself” means symbolically, not literally. I’ve learned Fear and Love are opposite emotions on the spectrum of vibrational frequency (fear being low and love high). Our thoughts, emotions and beliefs impact our vibrational frequency. When we are afraid, we attract what we’re afraid of.  How can I love myself to attract more love into my life?  This blog is how I came to my answer.

Key imageThe answer came when I read this quote; “The quantum world is waiting for us to make a decision so that it knows how to behave.” says Brandon West in Proof That the Human Body is a Projection of Consciousness

Choosing Love over Fear. It seems so simple. Why is it so hard? Why does fear have so much power over us?

I believe fear is a message – a gift in disguise. Fear is not random.  It’s purpose is to teach us about ourselves. I learned I can ask fear to tell me what its here to teach me. Sounds crazy but I encourage you to try it. Think of something you’re afraid of and ask this fear questions. Listen first to your body. Feel where the fear lives in your body and when you can feel it fully, start asking questions.


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Embrace Your Shadow

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Instead of setting a resolution for the New Year 2016, I suggest something different; set an intention to embrace your shadow. The shadow represents your unconscious, the part of you hidden from your awareness. It can cause you to respond to life in ways that sabotage you, give your power away to others and act like a child.

Are you aware of recurring patterns in your life that you wish you could stop but can’t?
Have you ever received feedback and felt stunned having no clue that’s how you’re perceived?

Pinball imageA great example of how illusive our shadow is can be found watching The Dog Whisper with Cesar Millan. Every show starts with the dog’s owners explaining how they are victims of a dog with an unsolvable problem. They want Cesar to validate their claim and train their Dog to behave. After Cesar spends time with the dog by himself he sits down with the dog’s owners to report there is nothing wrong with the dog. Rather, if the owner wants their dog to behave differently, they need to learn how to listen. The owner is unaware of how they are perceived by the dog. Dog’s act out when their owner’s actions don’t make sense. In How to talk to your dog, Cesar says, “humans tell a story while dogs tell the truth.” The same is true with our kids and our relationships if we remain in our shadow. For more about how pets improve our health, check out this post in positive healthwellness.

The purpose of relationships are to grow. The truth is we get stuck in our shadow if we believe we are separate from and better than others. Read More

Why I believe Jordan Spieth is # 1 in the World

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Jordan and Ellie Spieth.docx

I’m going to speak my truth about the phenomenon of Jordan Spieth. Does anyone not like him? Why is this a big deal? Because sports somewhere lost its appeal to the average fan. The high salaries and entitlement that comes with it have made it hard to relate to sports stars, most of all the elite of each sport. Everyone likes a winner but winning seems to destroy what got them there. Nothing against the others like Lebron or Tiger, but there is something different about Jordan Spieth.

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Pain is a Gift

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good-pain-children-humilitySuccessful athletes talk about being in the present moment where things slow down and become effortless. Writers, actors, artists, inventors, teachers, motivational speakers and creators of any kind all report similar states in the present moment. It’s as if being present connects us to a creative well of inspiration, creativity and energy.

“Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while. That’s because they were able to connect experiences they’ve had and synthesize new things.” – Steve Jobs Read More

The Cubs Won the World Series!

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Cubs win the world seriesThis is strange to read, right? But if we believe what we read the Cubs seem to have all of the right pieces in place in a proven President and Manager, right? The more I read about Theo Epstein and Joe Madden, I want to believe but part of me is still cautious about getting too excited.

In a Chicago Sun Times Rick Telander article about the Cubs President, Epstein says its not enough to pick the right players, but to invest in them…‘‘Understanding them physically, fundamentally, and mentally — investing in them as people — and helping them progress.” Epstein believes the next advantage in baseball is human development. What’s not to like? To read more about what Epstein says.

And what’s not to like about Joe Madden. The guy is a breath of fresh air. He’s about the players having fun and being loose. At the beginning of spring training Carrie Muskat wrote an article about Madden and quoted him saying “The one thing, more than anything, is that I want them to be themselves,” he said. “I don’t want them to feel inhibited when they play. I don’t want them to feel as though they’re out there to please. Don’t worry about making mistakes — you’re going to make mistakes, physical mistakes. We want to cut down on the mental mistakes.” To read more about Madden…

But what about the mental side of the fans?

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The Seven Laws of the Universe

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Law of VibrationI wanted to believe in the Law of Attraction. After watching the movie The Secret I was a little skeptical because the idea of “focusing on positive thoughts creates positive results” seemed too easy and simplistic. Then I read The Seven Laws of the Universe and realized how much I didn’t know.  For example, consider the Law of Vibration.  Is it real?  Why does it seem to not work all of the time?  When it does work, why does it take so long ?  These are some of the questions that made me curious about Energy Medicine.  See the definition of the Law of Vibration in the image to the left.  It is the Third of Seven Universal Laws of which the Law of Attraction is not specifically mentioned because it is the basic Law of the Universe which runs through all seven Universal Laws.

Because of my lack of understanding about all of the Laws of the Universe, I misunderstood the Law of the Attraction to be just about attracting positive results with positive thoughts.  The challenge is what do you do with your negative thoughts?  How do you turn negative thoughts into positive thoughts?  Is this possible?  I explore this topic based on my experience with Sports, my corporate Career and my new vocation of Life and Energy Health coaching.

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My Experience With Co-Dependency

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Experience with Codependency As I wrote in my first blog, “Owning My Story”  …my connection with my two kids (adults) is not what I wanted and not what they needed.” Expanding on this, I believe they didn’t trust me because I wasn’t emotionally available and I didn’t feel appreciated for the financial support I provided them. I felt guilty about my ineffective role as a parent and the emotional trauma of divorce my kids had to go through. I also believe I unconsciously over-compensated by extending support financially even though they were adults. I rationalized I was helping, but believe this is a way to control my kids for their approval. I’ve come to realize financially supporting my adult kids only enables them to stay dependent financially, stunting their growth spiritually.

From my perspective as a life coach, accepting I’m co-dependent is positive. Reading “Sacred Contracts” by Caroline Myss I learned we have archetypal patterns or sacred contracts that are unconscious. These unconscious patterns of behavior are meant as an opportunity for us to become aware. If it wasn’t my pattern of co-dependency it would be some other pattern in my shadow. We keep these unconscious patterns until we get so tired of the same result that we are forced to learn from them. Patterns like Co-dependency only control us if we remain unconscious of them.

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