Jon Zieve is President and Founder of Trust Your Energy, LLC., a Life coaching practice in Austin, TX. 

Prior to his work at Trust Your Energy, Jon spent 34 years coaching team members and colleagues while serving in various leadership positions in Sales, Marketing and Customer service. 

Jon thought he was just burned out after 34 years. He experienced inflexibility and tension in his body and was determined to find out why.

He set an intention to heal after reading the book the Power of Intention by Wayne Dyer. He learned his symptoms where there to help him grow, expand his perspective and believe in his value outside of work. This change in perspective freed him to seek answers within.

Jon became a certified life coach in 2014. As his self awareness practice deepened he realized the heart is the source of all guidance. Curiousity to learn more about the science behind the heart’s intelligence led him to become certified as a HeartMath coach/mentor in 2016 and enrolled in HeartMastery, a graduate program of the HeartMath Institute. Using the techniques and iphone technology of HeartMath, Jon was able to measure the tension in his body that caused his burnout and how to use scientifically proven techniques to re-wire his body for resilience.

Comments from Jon;

“We can stop self-sabotaging patterns of manifesting stress in our body, relationships and our dreams. We are all wired to embrace change, heal and be empowered to be what we want in life. We just need to know how to value ourselves.”